Our Vision

Started its activities since 1991, the Children’s House has a long and brilliant history in cultural affairs, and, from the very beginning, its team has spared no effort to create a global cultural network.

During the recent years, the House has always attempted to expand the scope of its vision by planning and organizing national and international events, making effective activities for children, establishing stronger professional relationships and creating more diverse tangible and intangible cultural values in all practical issues related to children.

Now, as the team of the festival, we aim to provide an equal opportunity for all children around the world to be seen through painting which is the common language of children.

We hope that the world around us have a better tomorrow by the way children purely look at it.

Our Mission

Isfahan has a long history in the coexistence of different cultures and ethnicities. It allows events such as this festival to create healthy international competition among children and youth. As the city is a child-friendly one, according to UNICEF, holding such fests on painting as the universal language, can pay the way for urban growth. It is hoped that Isfahan International Children’s Painting Festival, free from the hubbub of the world, would promise peace, freedom and empathy in order to provide a safe and beautiful place for children. Respecting the children’s rights, the festival has a mission to • Evaluate its urban planning from the children’s point of view; • Provide the welfare of children and youth in line with the rights of children, taking into account their views towards the city; • Raise awareness of children on the different aspects of life; • Increase children’s desire to participate in international cultural, artistic and social events; • Understand children’s views on urban construction; • Strengthen the sense of civic engagement, raise the sense of national identity and enhance ideas and attitudes of children around environment; and • Be an exercise for children to participate in creating a better future for the world.