1. Summary

We all live in cities where people are busy with work. As we grow up, we must choose a job so that we can earn an income and meet our needs. Working and choosing the right job can bring us peace and fulfillment. As we walk the streets of our cities, take buses, or take the subway, we often see many shops and jobs. Now we want you to paint the jobs that people in your city have picked for themselves and are engaged to.


  1. Applicant Requirements

Children from 6 to 18 years old


  1. Theme

“Jobs of my city”


  1. Artwork requirements
  • Each artwork must be made by an individual, not by a group.

Note: Avoid visual Clichés and repetition.


  • At least A3- sized white paper must be for artworks.
    Note:It is not allowed to use frame and passepartout for the work.


  • Artworks must be flat ones that can be scanned.


  • Artworks must not infringe on the rights of a third party, such as copyright (including that for animated characters), trademarks, and the right of publicity.



  • One applicant can submit one artwork only.


  1. Application procedure

Each applicant should securely attach the completed application form to the back of their artwork, and submit it to the Secretariat. (All fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory)

  • Things to submit

PDF scans of artwork, its application form and the photo of the child applicant. Please upload the application materials to the Secretariat at .


  1. Deadline submission

February 24, 2023


  1. Schedule
  • Deadline for submission to the Secretariat: February 24, 2023
  • Announcement of results: March, 2023
  • Closing ceremony: May, 2023
  • Shipping of prize certificates and commemorative gifts: May to June, 2023
  • The exhibition of the artworks is available online at : June, 2023


  1. Selection details
  • ntedVerifying if children did the paintings without any help from parents or teachers.
  • Compliance with the theme of the competition (Jobs of My City).
  • Creativity and use of imagination.
  • Innovation in choosing viewpoint, composition and technique.
  • Using executive skills in paintings.

Through careful screening by the Secretariat, one First Prize, one Second Prize and one Third Prize artworks will be selected in each of Category 1 (4-6 year olds), Category 2 (7-9 year olds), Category 3 (10-13) and Category 4 (14-18). To those prize winners, a certificate and a commemorative gift will be prese.

  1. Notes

The copyright to all artworks submitted to the Secretariat is owned by the Secretariat. It owns the right to publicize, present, exhibit, print and distribute copies of these artworks, without applicants’ agreement.

  1. Inquiries

IICPF Secretariat